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Extraordinary Accomplishments
Online Petition Submission System (OPSS)

In June of 2013, Provost Garnett Stokes initiated the Extraordinary Accomplishments Program. This is an ongoing incentive program which recognizes FSU faculty achievements in research and encourages research development. It honors all awards designated by the NRC as Prestigious and Highly Prestigious.

For more information about this program and NRC awards click here.

The NRC list of Highly Prestigious and Prestigious awards is nationally recognized and institutionally significant. However, it is understood that there might be a significant scholarly award, honor, or prize not included by NRC and that particular disciplines may be under-represented on the NRC lists. To compensate for this, an "alternative exceptional award" category has been established to allow the inclusion of additional, equally meritorious awards.

To petition to have an alternative award recognized as an Extraordinary Accomplishment by FSU under this program, a faculty member, chair, or dean should submit the following:
  • A letter of petition that places the award (not the awardee) relative to other NRC recognized Prestigious or Highly Prestigious awards and provides an argument for including the award as a significant recognition of achievement in research;
  • The name and contact information of a professional colleague, at the sponsoring organization or elsewhere, qualified to speak to the caliber of the award being petitioned.
The Online Petition Submission System is provided for faculty to initiate and review the status of their petition.

Non-FSU Users:
Deposit a letter in support of a petition to recognize an award as Prestigious. You will be prompted to enter an "access code" emailed to you.

FSU Users:
Initiate a petition and review petition status. Other menu options may be provided as appropriate to administer and review petitions. You will be prompted to login with your FSU userid.