Faculty Expertise and Advancement System

A List of Finalized Faculty CVs

This page provides a list of faculty with an available finalized vita which was generated from the CV database. Links are provided in the list to select the faculty CV and select summary faculty information. Click a column title to resort the faculty list. Click a link in the list footer to select other list pages.

Faculty NameDepartmentCV Load DateFinalized VitaFaculty Info
Abbott, Frederick MCollege of Law12/03/2015[Get CV][Summary Info]
Abbott, Laurie LynnCollege of Nursing03/26/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Abell, Joseph NSocial Work04/17/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Abendroth, Maryann ICollege of Nursing03/31/2012[Get CV][Summary Info]
Abichou, TarekCivil and Environmental Engineering03/27/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Adalier, KorhanPCC Academic Affairs02/18/2016[Get CV][Summary Info]
Adams, Jonathan LCommunication02/27/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Adams, Sandra SCenter for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy05/03/2017[Get CV][Summary Info]
Adams, ToddPhysics05/07/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Adelson, Wendi JCollege of Law03/11/2013[Get CV][Summary Info]
Agashe, Amod SadanandMathematics03/29/2013[Get CV][Summary Info]
Agens Jr, John EGeriatrics12/10/2017[Get CV][Summary Info]
Aggarwal, SudhirComputer Science08/13/2015[Get CV][Summary Info]
Ahlquist, Jon EEarth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sci03/28/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Ahmad, HafizPCC Academic Affairs02/13/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Ai, Amy LeeSocial Work04/01/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Akiba, MotokoEducational Leadership and Policy Studies03/14/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Al-Saber, SamerSchool of Theatre02/19/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
Alabugin, Igor VChemistry and Biochemistry02/24/2016[Get CV][Summary Info]
Alamo, Rufina GChemical Engineering04/02/2013[Get CV][Summary Info]
Albrecht-Schmitt, Thomas EChemistry and Biochemistry12/07/2016[Get CV][Summary Info]
Aldrovandi, EttoreMathematics08/24/2017[Get CV][Summary Info]
Alexandraki, IreneClinical Sciences12/11/2017[Get CV][Summary Info]
Allen, Charles WCollege of Motion Picture Arts12/11/2014[Get CV][Summary Info]
Allen, Warren StandaleInformation02/13/2018[Get CV][Summary Info]
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